Yes - You Can Stop Your Tooth Pain Now!

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Picture This: It’s 11:00 pm on a Friday Night…

You’ve taken a bite of a nice, delicious sandwich and you’ve just heard a crunching noise that didn’t sound good at all.
A soft sandwich isn’t supposed to make that kind of a sound…

You put your hand to your mouth, only to realize that you’ve cracked a tooth. The throbbing pain starts to take hold almost instantly.

A sense of panic starts to come over you because it’s a bank holiday weekend and your Dentist won’t open until 10am on Tuesday morning. Your pain increases and you feel yourself starting to panic.

What do you do now? Where do you go to get help at this time of the night?

You Now Have One Of Two Choices…

  • You can deal with the pain and spend the next 3 days in absolute misery…
  • Or…

  • You Can stop your tooth pain almost immediately simply by reading and applying the time-tested, proven techniques I’ll show you when you get a copy of my instantly-downloadable eBook.
    Stop your toothaches and dental pain now!
  • You Don’t Have To Suffer From Tooth Pain Any Longer! While there is no substitute for proper Dental Care, sometimes it’s not always that easy to get to a Dentist right away.┬áThis is your “what to do in a dental emergency” lifesaver! Simply by following the time tested, proven advice here, you can save yourself a whole bunch of time, money and most important of all, pain!

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    “Thanks to this very useful guide, I now longer have to worry about getting through a dental emergency. How I wish I had this information with me back in 2006 when my Crown fell out as I was waiting in line to board a flight to London. I had to cancel an entire business trip because of a simple problem that could have easily been fixed. Buy this book – you never know when it will save you from a world full of pain!…” Frank Garon, Breinigsville PA.

    For the price of a Large pizza with toppings you can be protected against any
    dental emergency that may ever strike you and your loved ones.

    Stop your toothaches and dental pain now!

    Only $19.97 for near-instant tooth pain relief:

    Get instant help – this digital download helps you with such painful and costly tooth problems as…

    • Abscessed Tooth
    • Cavities
    • Bleeding Gums
    • Sensitive Teeth (hot or cold Drinks)
    • Grinding your teeth in your sleep (Bruxism)
    • Wisdom Teeth ache/pain
    • Toothache during pregnancy
    • All-Natural ways to stop tooth pain without taking artificial painkillers
    • All this and more!

    Only $19.97 for near-instant tooth pain relief:

    Your satisfaction is 100 guaranteed. I’m offering you a full 60 days to put these proven techniques to the test.
    If at any point during the next 90 days you are somehow dissatisfied with my recommendations, simply email me
    and I will issue you a prompt, cheerful and complete refund. Nothing could be easier – you have everything to gain
    and nothing to lose by using these time-tested methods to ease your tooth pain!

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